Social Media Game Changer

2020 Social Media Trends

2020 Social Media Trends you can expect to stay around through the current crisis:

Social Media Game Changer
2020 Social Media Trends – Game Changer
  1. Short/Quick reads – It will remain “all about content”.  Keep it short.  Attention spans are getting shorter all the time.  Use “Stories” when you can.  More than 400 million people watch Instagram stories daily according to Hootsuite.  People are staying home (social distancing) and have time to consume content. Be there for them.
  • Social commerce – Social media is here to stay.  With 49% of the world’s total population using social media (3.8 billion users), capturing sales on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest will grow more than ever.  Online shopping keeps our social distance.  
  • Video will continue to dominate – Marketing Charts estimates that users will spend 100 minutes per day with online video by 2021. Expect this to grow even more as more people are home consuming content.
  • Nano influencers will grow but will need to find new ways to monetize their work.  As Instagram hides likes, engagement will be critical to measure success.    
  • Local targeting – fewer brands are advertising today, but more are posting organically.  Consumers want to connect and support local businesses.  Leverage local with geo-tags and hashtags.   
  • Social listening – will become the foundation of a social campaign.  Brands that understand their audience and engage with them will get beyond “vanity” and will see long-term results that matter.   
  • User Generated Content – As you build trust, consumers will “sell” your product for you.  UGC is Free and authentic.  Content from a user has more credibility and authenticity.  Encourage your audience to post photos and content on their experiences with you.

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