Display advertising can help promote your business to anyone who is browsing the Internet either on a computer or their mobile device. In the U.S. that is 90% of all adults!  If you are running digital campaigns, it is in your best interest to be visible where your audience is.

Banner ad positions

Display advertising, often called banner ads, are graphic ads that appear at the top, sides, and inline on websites and apps.  Banner ads can be placed on websites with similar content of the advertised product, called contextual ad placement, or they can be placed dynamically to reach the audience of your choice through behavioral placement.  Often sold on a CPM or CPC basis, these ads can be developed to drive traffic to your website, build brand awareness, or generate leads. 
Display or banner ads often get a bad rap; however, they are one of the first forms of digital advertising and are still around.  Why?  Because they work.  We recommend using display in combination with other digital media for best results.

  • Can be Visually Appealing

  • Builds Brand Awareness

  • Provides Effective & Precise Targeting

  • Increases Visibility

  • Builds Retargeting Buckets

  • Cost Efficient