Native ads are proven to be stronger than traditional display ads at building trust and driving engagement with potential new customers. Studies have shown average click-through rates 8.8X higher for native ads vs. typical display ads.

Native Ad Example

Native advertising example

A Native ad is one that is unique and native to an experience.  It is a form of paid media where the advertising experience follows the form and function of the user experience in which it’s placed.

Native ads should be content driven.  It should blend in with the experience (webpage) a user is in.  If a user is in a Facebook feed, talk the user’s language and generate conversation.  In an online newspaper, match you content to the section you are running in.

How can you leverage this tactic for your business?

  • Use compelling copy & images

  • Hook the User in the first :03 seconds

  • Understand your audience

  • Match the content

  • Use with other channels

  • Link to more in-depth content