Are you reaching your customers on the right social media network?


Did you know that two-thirds of Facebook users visit a Local Business Facebook Page at least once a week? Your customers are looking for you on Facebook. Keep your Business Page updated, post often, and engage with those who follow, like or comment on your page. Be authentic and real.

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Do you have an Instagram Business Page or are you still using your Personal Page to post your content? Instagram is a social networking site that offers users a visual escape. Creating a consistent look across your page will help your audience identify you as they scroll through their feed. As always…be relevant and real.

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More than 30MM companies use LinkedIn for business to network, connect, and sell.  If you are not using LinkedIn to share your company message, engage with your employees, or reach out to potential new hires, you may be missing out on a huge potential.

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There are many different types of social media and even more platforms that you should be familiar with.  These include Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn; Image Sharing sites such as Instagram, Snapchat & Pinterest; Video Sharing sites such as YouTube & Vimeo; Social Blogging sites such as Tumblr; and Social Community sites such as Reddit & Quora.  

As you can see, the options can be dizzying.  Let us help you navigate your social media choices. 

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Social Media as the Lynchpin of your Communications with Customers

Social media is a missed opportunity for many businesses. It is the consumers’ go-to tool for inspiration, reviews & shopping.  Social is a visual medium – use images and videos to get attention.  Posting often is not necessary.  Posting relevance is.  Remember to respond to consumers, thank them when they comment, build a family, and create an engagement opportunity