Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing, SEM, PPC, paid placement.  These are all many names for the same thing…buying a position in search engine rankings.  Google Adwords is the most prominent SEM vehicle, but there are several other search engines to consider using, most importantly Microsoft’s Bing.
For SEM to work efficiently, you have to understand how your customer thinks about your product or service.  Do you know your customer?  Why do they purchase your product instead of your competitors?  What might a potential customer be searching for that makes you a good choice? Think back to your research to find the answers.

Remember that Ads show up at the top of search engines, followed by featured snippets such as local listings, maps, and people also ask.  Your organic or natural listing follow these and is often below the scroll so your goal should be to own multiple types of listings to ensure you are seen.  According to Google, 83% of users will click on one of the first three listings that show up. If they don’t see what they want they will change their query rather than scroll beyond page one.  If you are not on page one in some form, you are missing a huge part of your potential visitors.


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