Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO or search engine optimization?
If you read all the information online about SEO you might say it is voodoo…or whatever Google decides it will be today.  But really, it is just smart, relevant, useful, and fresh content.  Yes, it is all about the ease of use and the content.

You can do this if you do the following:

  • Be original
  • Keep content fresh
  • Fix your broken links
  • Keep your website load time under :03 seconds
  • Use unique Title & Description tags. YES, these are still important!
  • Include “alt” tags and anchor text
  • Use heading tags as appropriate
  • Fix those old HTTP pages so you only lead to HTTPS
  • Include links to your social sites
  • Optimize all social posts and profiles

Is there more?  Sure, but if you can master these 10 points on your website you are doing more than 80% of the sites out there and will likely turn up on Page 1 of a search for your designated keywords.

SEO Process