Facebook Web Image

Who doesn’t have a Facebook Page?  Facebook is world’s largest and most popular social networking site.  Originally designed for college students, this social site now has over 2.5 billion monthly users with over 1.7 billion logging into the site every day.  According to PewResearch, 69% of U.S. adults use Facebook, with three-quarters of them logging in at least once per day.

Having an active page is a must have for any business.  Consumers today look up a social networking page before going to your website.  Websites tend to be updated less frequently than a Facebook page (perhaps due to its ease), so consumers expect the most up to date information on your social page. Don’t miss out on the opportunity you have to connect with your audience.  Stay active and engaging on Facebook. 

How should you use Facebook?  Include some of Sprout Social’s best practices:

  • Use Video

  • Keep it Simple

  • Use Short Posts

  • Be Specific

  • Ask Questions

  • Know your Audience

  • Post Frequently

  • Be Timely

  • Stay Relevant

  • Always include an Image