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When you think about social networks, LinkedIn probably does not come to mind first.  But LinkedIn is a social network much like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  It only differs in its content and target.  LinkedIn is a professional networking site used to make business connections, strengthen professional relationships, find jobs, and share resources with businesses and peers.
LinkedIn currently has over 600MM users.  It is a powerful network for any business.  According to LinkedIn, the 10 most followed LinkedIn pages belong to: TED Conferences, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM, Unilever, Nestle, Accenture, and Facebook.

Are you interested in driving your LinkedIn visibility and engagement? 
Use some of the strategies these top LinkedIn companies use:

  • Use Video

  • Be Socially Responsible

  • Share your Values

  • Spotlight Talent

  • Showcase Innovation

  • Create Original Content

  • Share Relevant Content

  • Be Authentic